A Halloween Cocktail Party


I’ve always loved Halloween but since I’m a little too old to be knocking on doors asking for candy, I’ve had to come up with more ‘grown up’ ways to make the most this holiday. One of my new favorite ways to celebrate Halloween for example is to throw a Halloween cocktail party for my friends. That way, I still get to enjoy some of my favorite Halloween things (costumes, creepy decorations, and cute desserts) but in a slightly more elegant setting and with cocktails! ;).

If you’d like to host your own Halloween cocktail party but aren’t sure where to start, I shared a few of my tips below. I created a simple set up that would make for a low-stress and fun gathering and I also included some links for further inspiration.

Happy Partying!

The Decor

Halloween cocktail party

I wanted the party to feel a bit more chic than your usual Halloween bash so I went for a classic black and white color scheme with a few pops of gold for added glam. The core of my decorations actually came from the black and gold box in my party line (with a few spooky additions) but you could of course use what you already own instead.

A few days before setting up, I spray painted four pumpkins in black and gold to go along with my theme. It was cheap and easy to do and they looked super cute once finished. I kinda wish I could keep them forever now!

For my background, I got some fake spiders from a bargain store and stuck them to the wall using blu-tack. I then added a few paper fans to act as giant spiderwebs. Next, I covered my living room shelves with a black tablecoth and stretched fake ‘spider web’ (also from a bargain store) all over it. I then scattered a few candles around and added in the pumpkins. I already had a skeletton man leftover from a previous Halloween cocktail party so of course, I had to include him in my decor! I love that he’s dressed up in a tuxedo; he’s definitely party-ready!

I also put out some disposable cutlery, napkins, paper plates, and cups on the table as they work great for larger get togethers. Lastly – I put a black, white and gold tassel garland at the front of my table to tie all the colors together.

The Food

halloween cocktail party food

It’s always nice to be able to carry the theme of your party throughout your food menu but it shouldn’t mean spending hours in the kitchen! For this party concept, I chose simple appetizers that could easily be given a Halloween twist such as:

halloween cheese platter

A cheese and charcuterie platter (again, I tried to respect the B&W theme by using a slate platter and by choosing black grapes, goat’s cheese rolled in ashes, and cheddar covered in black wax)

halloween deviled eggs

Simple deviled eggs topped with olives cut into the shape of spiders. (See the recipe here.)

caramel popcorn in candy jar

Salted caramel popcorn instead of the traditional candy offering (I bought mine at the store but see this recipe if you’d prefer to make your own).

googly eyes cupcakes for halloween

Chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting and ‘googly eyes’ (made white chocolate buttons and a dot of black coloring gel).

In addition to these cold appetizers, I’d probably also pass around two or three hot nibbles throughout the night.

Here are more of my favorite spooky recipes:

Of course, you could also offer an assortment of candy or a whole candy buffet!

The Drinks

halloween cocktails

I made this black liquorice cocktail (see the recipe here) and used blueberries to create floating ‘eyes’.


I also had skull-shaped shot glasses (from the bargain store) which I filled with ‘liquified ghost’ (a cream and vodka based cocktail – see the recipe here).

Here are other cocktails I think would be perfect for a Halloween party:

Also, if you’d like to dress up your wine, beer, or cider bottles then check out these cool free printables!

Finally, don’t forget about the music. Check out Spotify (or any other music streaming platform) for ready-made Halloween playlists.

I hope you found these tips useful! Have a wonderful Halloween Cocktail Party!