Happy Hour: Muay Thai Punch Cocktail

muay thai punch cocktail

During my last visit in Bangkok I got to try a great cocktail called the ‘Muay Thai Punch’. As the name suggests it had quite a ‘kick’ to it but it was also deliciously fruity and sweet.

I took note of the ingredients at the time and after a couple of adjustments came up with the recipe below. As soon as I had a taste, I was transported right back to Bangkok – I couldn’t think of a better way to get over my post-vacation blues really…


3 oranges (or 120ml good quality orange juice)
1 lime or lemon ( or 15ml lime or lemon juice)
30ml White rum
30ml Dark Rum
15ml Cointreau
A touch of Grenadine


Juice the oranges and the lime. Pour juice and remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker.

Shake with a generous amount of ice until cold and frothy.

Strain into a tall glass half filled with ice to serve.

option 1.3

option 2

muay thai punch drink

option 5.3

pouring cocktail

option 7.1