Happy Hour: Passionfruit & Mint Mojitos

Ever since my friend planted Passionfruit Vines in her garden I’ve been eagerly waiting for them to ripen so that I could incorporate them into a recipe. It was a really hot day when we finally got to pick some last weekend which of course called for a refreshing cocktail. These Passionfruit & Mint Mojitos were well worth the wait – sweet, tangy and delicious!

passionfruit mojito



45 ml (or 1.5 oz) White Rum

15ml (or 1/2 oz) Sugar syrup

The pulp of 2 Passionfruits

Juice of 1 lime

8-10 Mint leaves

60 ml (or 2 oz)  Club soda



Gently muddle the mint leaves and passionfruit pulp into a cocktail shaker (or you can forgo this step and do everything directly into your serving glass). Add rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. Shake well with ice and pour into a glass. Top with club soda.

Please enjoy responsibly!