Happy Hour: Sherry Cobbler (Spanish Rebujito)

Sherry Cobbler

One of the reasons why I think Sherry has been making such a comeback lately is because bartenders from all over the world have really embraced it as a cocktail ingredient.

When I did my Sherry tasting at ‘Casita Miro‘ last week there were a couple of dry Fino sherries that I honestly wasn’t fully convinced about. I found them a bit too dry and bitter to my liking, preferring their sweeter counterparts instead. That is until bar manager Laura started to mix some cocktails with them. Paired with lemon, orange or even Tequila the Sherry tasted completely different and really came into its own.

My personal favorite was Laura’s version of the ‘Sherry cobbler’ (or ‘Rebujito’ in Spanish): a lemon syrup, soda and Fino mix which I think will be my drink of choice for this upcoming summer. Laura makes her own delicious lemon syrup onsite but lemon cordial is a fine alternative for us lazy busy people. You could also replace the lemon with orange and for-go the soda for a more Americanized version.

Sherry Cobbler

50ml Fino Sherry
25ml Lemon syrup
Soda water
1/4 lemon
Mint sprigs to decorate

♥ Fill a tall glass half way up with ice

♥ Add sherry and lemon syrup

♥ Squeeze lemon into the mix and leave slice in the glass

♥ Top with soda water and garnish with a couple of mint sprigs (bruise them a little bit first to release more of their natural oils)

NB. Laura also added a rose petal from the Casita Miro gardens for a little pop of color but this is definitely optional.

Please enjoy responsibly x

spanish rebujito casita miro

A big thank you to Casita Miro for sharing this recipe with us. Make sure to visit their amazing tapas restaurant next time you are in Auckland!


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