I Heart January: How To Beat The Post Holiday Blues

post holiday blues tips

I don’t know about you but I always find the month of January to be a bit of a bummer. The holidays are over; there are no more presents to open, no more parties to attend and the champagne has run dry.  After two/three months of non-stop excitement you’re suddenly left with nothing to do but head back to work and the dreaded every day routine. It’s just no fun!

This year though I decided to take matters into my own hands. Yes, it’s normal to feel a bit of a let down after the holidays but it doesn’t mean that January has to be such a drag!

Here are five ways to bust out of that post holiday funk:

1- Throw a party

Even though we often complain about our crazy friends and family, the fact is that we miss them when they’re not around anymore. Of course it’s nice to have a week to relax by ourselves after New Year’s Eve but after a while we start to crave a good old chat with our girlfriends and even, dare I say it, our mom’s advice. Throwing a party or organizing a get together somewhere is a great way to catch up after the holiday mayhem and to start the year on a happy note. Chances are your friends will be feeling a bit blue as well so they’ll appreciate you organizing something for them!

Another way to feel less lonely is to make sure you keep in touch with people. Just because your best friend lives on the other side of the country doesn’t mean you can’t talk to her. I regularly chat with my overseas friends and thanks to Skype it almost feels like we’re back at my house having a wine together!

2- Plan a trip

Planning a holiday straight after a holiday might seem a bit indulgent but trust me – it works! What we often lack in January is something to look forward to and planning your next trip is a great way to fill that void. Look up the internet for exotic sunny destinations you’d like to go to and start planning what you’ll do, in which hotels you’ll stay, etc. You could also use Pinterest to gather all your inspiration in one place.

If you’re on a small budget then look closer to home. There’s nothing like playing tourist in your own city or organizing a weekend getaway with your special someone. Heck, you could even bring overseas home by cooking a meal inspired by your favorite country. Making French crepes never fails to cheer me up!

3- Put your New Year’s resolutions into actions

Did you have some sort of epiphany whilst watching the New Year’s Eve fireworks and decided to make some serious changes about your life? It’s time to put them into actions!

Get yourself a journal or diary and start plotting your new life. Who doesn’t love a good things to do list? I’m also a huge fan of vision/dream boards as they keep me inspired and help me visualize what I want out of the new year.

Again planning is a great way to keep your mind busy and to focus on the positive. The key is to make goals that are achievable so that you don’t end up ditching them after a week and feeling even more bummed out!

4- Celebrate a silly commemorative day

Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE didn’t quite hit that party spot for you? How about celebrating a funny commemorative day or holiday?

International popcorn day‘, ‘dress your pet day’, ‘international spicy food day‘ (yes!)… there’s really something to please everyone. Rubber ducky day sounds like a winner to me, it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in a long hot bath.

5- Elevate your every day routine

If you’re really dreading getting back into your daily routine then perhaps it’s a sign that you need to make some changes. Maybe you need to start taking better care of yourself or start looking for a new job…or maybe it’s time to finally take that yoga class you’ve been thinking about for a while.

People (and by people I mean me) often use money as an excuse to not make changes to their daily routines but you really don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make your weekdays feel more special.  Subtle touches (like a daily walk with your partner, eating better or learning new skills through Youtube videos) can make a world of difference and make your life that much more fun and beautiful. All you need to do is take the first step!

Wishing you a great month of January

xx Pearl


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