How To Change Your Look By Just Changing Your Shoes

how to change your look by just changing your shoes

This is a guest post by the fabulous Caitlin Harrison of Chasing Cait. Caitlin is a personal stylist living in Auckland with a killer style and a slight obsession for shoes. Make sure to check out her website for more fashion tips or to sign up for her fantastic online styling sessions!


It’s no secret I loves shoes – my business card has Shoe Addict on it! For reals! Shoes, in my opinion, have the power to change your whole look. Need to rush from the boardroom to the bar? If you are wearing the right outfit, just a change of shoes will take you from one to the other in no time!

For me, shoes dictate the style of the outfit – wearing trainers? Going for the casual chic vibe, got a heel on? You’re out to impress! It actually doesn’t really matter what clothes you have on (ok, maybe just a little) but your shoes really drive the direction of the look.

So today we are going to talk about how to change 3 looks, just by switching up your shoes.

dainty vs chunky


Going out on date night? Great – how about a little summer dress and some cute nude heels. This look will also work for weddings, lunches and all around girlies things. A heel always adds an element of style and elegance.

~Now change it up~

Ok, so how about you now but that girly dress with some ankle boots to add a little edge. Perfect for work if you are in a creative industry, or a day out shopping with the girls (flat boots works ESPECIALLY well for this activity).

The boots just add a more casual edge, allowing you to wear you pretty dress on more laid-back occasions.

heels vs trainers

I LOVE this classic look either way. Everyone can wear a pair of jeans and blazer (it’s just a matter of finding the RIGHT jeans a blazer). Put your bestest, tallest heel on and it becomes the perfect elegantly chic night-time outfit for date night or drinks with the girls. This look could even work in some workplaces (even if it is just for casual Friday).

~Now change it up~

Want to make ANYTHING that little bit more casual? Throw on a pair of white trainers (Converse are my fave, but any will do). Paired with your jeans and blazer, you’ve got the perfect casual weekend outfit for when the weather is a little cooler.

Roll the sleeves up on your blazer and add a straw fedora hat for that little bit more relaxed chic feel. This is a staple look of mine over winter.

wedges vs havaianas

First of all, let me start off by saying if you don’t have a maxi dress go and get one this instant…. it’s ok, we’ll wait….. No seriously, the right maxi dress is an essential part of any women’s wardrobe – and this post illustrates why – they are SO versatile!

With wedges – an afternoon or summer evening birthday party? Or casual dinner with the in-laws? Throw on a maxi dress and just add wedges. The wedges dress up the maxi, and gives you that 70’s cool feel.

~Now change it up~

Heading to the beach? Out for a relaxed brunch with your man? Or just need to duck down and do a quick grocery shop? Throw on your maxi dress and your jandals/sandals/pluggers/flipflops/havaianas. They are the epitome of laid-back style. They will ‘dress-down’ your maxi so you don’t feel out of place, but it’s a much nicer look than a tee and shorts really isn’t it.


 So there are just three ways that just by changing your shoes, you can totally change your whole outfit and where you can wear it! I love being able to get versatility out of clothing, and as a personal stylist, it’s a trick that I always try and teach my clients too – getting more bang for your buck is always going to help you have a more flexible and versatile wardrobe.

Now your homework this week is to go and give this a try! Got a busy day with a bunch of things going on? See if you can change your look just by changing your shoes and then come back here and tell me about it! I’d love to hear what you did!

Good luck!

Love & Style Always

Cait xoxo