How To Rock Your Body Shape

How to rock your body shape(1)


This is a guest post by Caitlin Harrison. Caitlin runs ‘Chasing Cait‘ (a fabulous blog dedicated to making fashion easy everyday) and is a personal stylist based in Auckland, New Zealand. For even more tips and tailored advice on how to dress for your shape, make sure to sign up to her online styling guide StyleMail! You can also check out her stylish everyday outfits on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Body shapes are kinda a big thing in the world of styling and fashion – but do you ever find there is just too much confusing information out there?

There are so many shapes, so many tips, it all just gets a little confusing for me….. And I’m the expert!

So let’s break it down – take it back to basics – and talk about the four basic body shapes and a few of the simple things that you can do to make the most of YOUR shape!


(Shoulders and hips the same width apart, narrow waist, shapely hips and thighs)

The Hourglass
1. Forever New peplum blazer / 2. Colette by Colette Hayman necklace / 3. Country Road pencil skirt /4. Sacha Drake Dress

How to rock your shape:

Waist definition is key as an Hourglass – your figure is already in proportion so make sure you make the most of it!

  • Look for dresses that bring you in at the waist, and show off your great shaped legs – a print is always perfect for hiding those small lumps and bumps too.
  • Jackets and blazers with a peplum (that little bit that sits out off the waist) are always the most flattering for an Hourglass – define the waist and skim over the hips!
  • A pencil skirt will show off your shapely legs without making you look too hippy (which an A-line skirt can do sometimes)
  • Go for big, bold necklaces that create a V-shape in your neckline – it will minimize your bust whilst drawing all the attention to your face .

(Smaller top half than bottom half, carry weight on hips and thighs, small, defined waist)

The Pear

1. Diana Ferrari wedges from /2. Mod Cloth blouse  /3. Witchery pleated skirt /4. Portmans dress

How to rock your shape:

For you, my delicious Pears, look for clothing that broadens your shoulders. This will give your body balance by evening up your hips.

  • Go for tops with neck embellishments or with wide necklines (such as boat, scoop or sweethearts necks) to bring the attention to the upper half of your body.
  • You have a gorgeous small waist, so make the most of it by looking for fitted dresses that flare out over your hips. Belts are also great for you!
  • A nude wedge is a Pear’s best friend – it will extend and elongate your leg no matter what you wear.

(Wider shoulders and back, rounded tummy, slender hips and legs)

The Apple
1. Jeanswest kimono /2. Blue Bungalow necklace  /3.Forever New pants  /4. EziBuy pull on sneakers 


How to rock your shape:

Vertical lines are the best thing an Apple shape can create! They draw the eye up and down the body, and create a slimming silhouette that skims right across the tummy.

  • Look for tops with deeper necklines (such as V necks).
  • Tunics also work well on you as they give you shape without being too clingy.
  • In winter, long scarves, cardigans and jackets will help you create strong vertical lines. In summer, opt for nice long-ish necklaces.
  • Show off your great legs with nice slim pants!

(Your shoulders, waist and hips are about the same width apart, your waist doesn’t come in much, long slender limbs)

The Column(1)

1. Jeanswest super-skinny jeans /2. Witchery pull over  /3. Country Road brogues /4.Modcloth dress 


How to rock your shape:

You lucky duckies are the chameleon of shapes!

  • You can really work that androgynous look of jeans and a tee with trainers,
  • OR you can play up the feminine and look for dresses that give you waist definition.
  • If you’re wanting to create subtle curves then opt for A line skirts and slightly flared trousers.
  • Layers also work well on you as they will add definition and curves to your shape by drawing the eye to different areas of your body.


So there you have it; whether you are an Hourglass, Pear, Apple or Column – there is always something in store or online that will suit your shape – it’s all about knowing what to look for!

Also remember – these shapes are just a guide, some of us can even be a mixture of two shapes and that’s ok too! The whole point of body shapes is to work out the best (and favorite) parts of your body and to make the most of them, so as long as you apply that rule – you’ll look amazing!

Cait xoxo


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