How To Stay Stylish In The Rain

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Although I love Spring and Autumn, I always find ‘transition’ seasons a little challenging to dress up for. The weather can completely change from one day to the other, the temperatures are all over the place and most importantly it usually rains a lot.

After a day running around in bad weather I usually wind up looking like a wet dog which, all vanity aside,  is not really a look I aspire to. So this year I decided to raise my ‘rainy fashion’ game and to make a few changes.

Here are some tips to stay chic and stylish in bad weather:

Get a stylish umbrella

Most people don’t put much thought into the umbrella they carry which is a real shame because a well-chosen umbrella can really become a fabulous fashion accessory. After all, just because something is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, right? You can find an array of pretty umbrellas online or even in stores such as Target or Kmart. Don’t be afraid of bright colors either, there’s nothing like a bold umbrella to brighten up a dark and gloomy day!

Layer, layer, layer

Since the weather can quickly change at this time for the year it’s important to layer your clothes for maximum versatility. A well-knotted scarf always looks elegant and will also keep your neck warm when you’re running after that bus or train. Tights are another great way to keep warm whilst you’re walking around in bad weather and can easily be taken off if the weather later improves. A hat can provide another stylish protection from the wind (watch out for the post-hat hair though). Finally avoid wearing white clothes on rainy days (this isn’t a wet t-shirt contest ladies).

It’s all about the coat

Your coat is not only the main thing protecting you from the elements, it’s also the main thing people will see when you’re out and about. It’s therefore a good idea to invest in a garment that both looks good and will last the distance. Look for water-resistant fabrics (avoid suede or leather) and also choose a cut and fit that will flatter your body shape. If you live in a really windy city where you can’t really carry umbrellas then you’ll want to get a coat with a hood. Trench coats are a ‘rainy day’ classic but if that’s not really your style then there are tons of other beautiful options out there.

Rock those rain boots!

Ballerina flats may look adorably chic in summer but in a storm they’ll quickly look like wet old slippers. On the other hand, rain boots (aka ‘wellies’ or ‘hunter’ boots) can look quite stylish when worn with the right outfit and they’ll definitely keep your feet warm and dry. Alternatively, a sturdy pair of boots will do the trick just fine. You may wear heels but at your own peril…

Protect your hair and makeup

Humid weather generally makes for annoying frizzy hair. To keep it under control rub a little bit of anti-frizz product through your hair before heading out. If you find your hair gets too ‘wild’ in rainy weather then you might be better off putting it into a nice pony tail, braid or a bun.

Rain and makeup also don’t mix well so it’s good idea to keep things simple on rainy days. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear any makeup but you might want to skip the smokey eyes for neutral tones and generous amounts of waterproof mascara instead. A primer will also help keep your foundation stay in place (or a ‘fixing’ finishing spray). Finally avoid wearing lip gloss when it’s windy out or you’ll end up with pieces of hair stuck to your lips all day long.


    • Haha Rebecca. Don’t worry I’m sure there’s plenty of rain coming our way in the next few months, we’ll all have mastered the ‘rainy chic’ look by the end of Winter ;)

  • Oh I so want a stylish raincoat but they’re very hard to come by at a reasonable price.

    And yes to a brightly coloured umbrella! I have a yellow one and a bright purple one. Why do people insist on carrying black? So ugly!

    My other pet hate is people who carry golf umbrellas in the city. They ALWAYS carry them horizontally and swing their arms back and forth and stab those around them. SO RUDE! Take them back to the suburbs, people.

    • Hi Georgia! I agree that stylish coats can be hard to find at a good price. I tend to scout the end of season sales for bargains every year and I also found a really nice jacket at a ‘clothes swap’ event last year. I’m trying to save some cash for a nice trench coat though as I think it’s worth investing in. Also yes, what is up with people carrying golf umbrellas around? I don’t get it either, they’re called a ‘golf’ umbrella for a reason people!

  • Just stumbled across your blog.. really cute! Mastering how to look nice in the cold isn’t always easy, but these tips are great, esp for places like SF :)

    • Thank you Natasja! Yes I’m in denial about the winter arriving soon in Melbourne. Ugh, I want to go back to Summer already!

    • Thanks Alyssa, yes I can (almost) cope with the cold but the rain drives me crazy!

  • I really want a cute umbrella! But I always lose/break them. Not good.

    Do you have any recommendations for tutorials on how to knot scarves? I try to be creative but it always looks a bit av.

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