How To Throw A Spa Party At Home

how to throw a spa party at home

It was my birthday last weekend and even though I wasn’t planning on hosting a party this year (I’m off to NZ for two weeks on Thursday) when my friend Jo called me up and suggested we co-host a spa party at her home I just couldn’t resist. Last year, I rounded up a few DIY beauty recipes that I have been dying to try since so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to do so!

Since I wanted to keep things low key, we kept the party very small and intimate. With homemade face masks, foot soaks and delicious appetizers, it was definitely the most relaxing way to spend an afternoon!

If you’d like to throw your own spa party at home here’s a simple guide on how to do it:

The decor

DIY spa bar

Inspired by pictures of beautiful Asian spas we decided to give the whole party a bit of an oriental feel.

I created a ‘spa bar’ so that the girls could pick and choose which area of their body they wanted to pamper the most. It included:

♥ DIY beauty treatments

The best thing about these beauty treatments (besides the fact that they left our faces feeling silky smooth) is that they were all natural and made from stuff I already had in my fridge and cupboard!

♥ Fresh fruit to add to their beauty treatments (or eat ;) ) as they wished

♥ A Manicure/Pedicure area (with individual sets, nail polishes, cotton balls etc)

♥ A scented candle, orchid flowers, fake water lilies and pebbles

spa party decor details

Besides the spa bar, I also got:

♥ Small individual buckets which I then filled with warm water mixed in with this foot soak treatment.

♥ Small plastic containers for the girls to collect their products with and take home left overs.

♥ Coconut oil which we used to give each other hand massages


To add to the atmosphere, we streamed a Spa-inspired mixtape through Spotify which was extremely ‘zen’ and put us all in a very relaxing mood from the moment we put it on.

Food & Drinks

green juice

Jo greeted the girls with a gorgeous homemade green juice which she made by blending spinach, cucumber, pineapple, apple and mint.

We kept the food light and served asian-inspired fare to go with our overall theme. Our spa menu consisted of:

  • Fruit
  • Thai beef salads served in cute takeaway boxes
  • Fresh Spring rolls
  • Veggie cups with a curried white bean dip

We also had champagne and green tea available.

food for spa party

As you can see, it was an easy and fun party to organize! Would you ever consider hosting a spa party at home too? Or have you ever been to one? What’s your favorite spa treatment?

Until next time xx

fruit on cake stand

hand towels

beauty treatments

decor details 2

diy spa day




NB. Photos by Pearl Jolly and Jo Membery.


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