Let’s Go Glamping: 5 Glamorous Camping Destinations Across The World

5 glamping destinations across the globe

When I was little I used to love playing ‘camping’ at home. I’d set up all my bed sheets across the table and chairs of our little Paris apartment to create a tent, lie on my blanket and pillows, and pretend that I was on some wild camping adventure (complete with starry nights and toasted marshmallows of course).

Then I grew up and experienced ‘real’ camping which, granted came with the added benefit of wine by the fire, but also came with uncomfortable sleeping bags, multiple unidentified insects, and pungent communal port-a-loos. Needless to say that I put my camping dreams aside for a while.

That is until I heard of Glamping. ‘Glamping’ or glamorous camping, has been developing rapidly over the last few years (I guess I’m not the only precious one) and basically offers the best of both worlds. You still get to camp in beautiful surroundings and feel ‘at one with nature’ but you also get a touch of luxury with spacious tents, comfy beds, showers etc. Glamping sites are also often beautifully designed and eco-friendly so, what’s not to love really?

Here are my 5 dream glamping destinations around the world:

♥ Longitude 131 – Australia

Longitude 131 resort
Deep in the Australian Outback, just 10kms away from the iconic ‘Uluru’ (Ayer’s rock), you’ll find the beautiful Longitude 131 Glamping resort. Made of only 15 tents, each with stunning views over the sacred Aboriginal site (and with all the modern comforts you could dream of) the location oozes history, romance and adventure. The resort is also committed to protecting its environment and all the profits are re-invested in Indigenous Land & Training across Australia.

♥ Whitepod – Switzerland

If you’re a bit of a snow bunny then you won’t be able to resist the amazing ‘Whitepod’ resort. Consisting of 15 igloo- shaped pods this eco camp has everything you need for a romantic alpine escape: from sweeping views across the Swiss Alps to gourmet food, a spa and private fireplaces. You even have access to your own ski slopes!

♥ Tree Hotel – Sweden

Swedish glamping

Nestled in the forests of Swedish Lapland, this resort puts a modern twist on your childhood fantasy of living in a tree house. All rooms are suspended between 6 and 40 feet high in the pines and were individually designed by prominent architects. Whilst the exteriors are pretty wacky; ranging from a mirror cube that reflects its environment to a UFO shaped pod and bright red hut, the interiors are decidedly Swedish with minimal but comfortable amenities. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even see the Northern Lights…now that’s one for the bucket list!

♥ Cottar’s 1920’s safari camp – Kenya

Cottar's Camp
A true ‘Out of Africa’ experience, this gorgeous safari camp offers luxurious accommodation with a 1920’s theme throughout. The family who manages the resort is the 4th generation of Cottars to live on the land and looking through the hotel’s photos it’s easy to see why it’s been such a successful venture. Beside the lavish tents, (optional) outdoor baths and stunning surroundings the hotel also offers world class safari adventures.

♥ Banyan Tree Madivaru – Maldives

Maldives Madivaru
For those of you who dream of white sand and deep blue seas I’m pleased to say that there are also plenty of luxurious camping options by the beach available. This eco-resort by hotel giant Banyan Tree ticks all the boxes combining 5 star accommodation with an idyllic setting. Could this be the perfect honeymoon spot?

Would you ever consider glamorous camping? Which would be your ultimate Glamping destinations? More glamping inspiration (as well as much cheaper options) can be found here and here.

Unless stated, all photos were taken from the companies’ official websites.


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