Link Love 04.05.2014

♥ There is a bizarre town in Japan where an artist is replacing departed inhabitants with life size dolls. It may sound kind of creepy but it’s actually kind of sweet…

♥ I don’t know about you but I’ll take ‘shelfies’ over selfies anytime.

7 Youtube shows to keep you entertained. I’m also a big fan of ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ and ‘Emma Approved’. How about you?

♥ After reading my ‘10 great books to suit your every mood‘ article, Xandra from Fashionably Light put me onto ‘The Novel Cure‘ – a website that aims to cure your ailments with books! It’s such a fun way to find new books, make sure you check it out! (It’s also a book in case you’re looking for a gift for a book lover)

♥ I’m not sure why I’ve never had breakfast nachos before but it’s obviously something I need to rectify asap.

10 tiny houses you can rent on Air BNB. Arrrgh, that mushroom house is so adorable!

50 cult lipstick shades. Ruby Woo by Mac is now on my wish list.

♥ Indieberries recently re-designed her site and it’s even cuter than it used to be!

♥ Are you feeling a bit blue today? Remember: it’s only a bad day, not a bad life.

♥ Do you feel a bit shy in social situations? Here are 30 great ways to strike up a conversation.

♥ Rachel from Skull & Crosstales recently started a new series in which she shares some of her favorite poetry. So many poems to fall in love with!

♥ I’ve put some great videos below but honestly I don’t think anything can beat watching tiny hamsters eating a tiny burritos. I can’t even…


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