Link Love 10.02.2014

♥ This outfit post gave me jumpsuit envy (yes, there is such a thing).

20 Valentine’s day gifts for under $20 – The quirky postcards are particularly awesome. And whilst we’re on the subject of V-day how cute is this DIY pink hearts manicure? And don’t even get me started on this rose water pavlova

10 Creative ritual you should steal – This article had me at ‘take a quarterly vacation’ ;)

♥ Just because you don’t own a dining table doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous dinner party.

♥ Nathan Sawaya uses Lego pieces to create large scale sculptures and his exhibition in Brussels sounds amazing!

♥ John Steinbeck on falling in love‘If you are in love — that’s a good thing — that’s about the best thing that can happen to anyone. Don’t let anyone make it small or light to you’.

10 ways to spruce up your space on a budget. I second the collage wall – such a fun project!

♥ I had quite a bit of (geeky) fun playing this language game. I only scored 350 points though – how about you?

♥ Garance Dore is one of my favorite bloggers and her alt summit keynote was as great as I hoped it would be be. A must watch for all bloggers!

♥ I may or may not be guilty of having these types of midnight conversations with my husband on a regular basis.

♥ A few things to think about before you move in together…

Cats taking selfies – no description necessary.


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