Link Love 10.03.2014

♥ This lovely post almost made me want to take up running, and that’s saying  a lot!

33 times Joseph Gordon-Levitt charmed our pants off in 2013. Is he one of your celebrity crushes?

♥ Reddit users were asked to sum up their first sexual experience with a GIF and their responses were priceless!

♥ Two artists are living and working in a giant hamster wheel for 10 days in Brooklyn. Crazy!

♥ For its Paris Fashion show last week Chanel created a branded supermarket  with products such as COCOchoco cereal and Eau de chanel N°0 water. I think a few people left the show with goodies hidden under their coats that day!

♥ The ultimate cheat sheet for reinventing yourself.

♥ This made me miss my cat somehow: 37 things only cat owners will understand.

♥ Are Hoverboards soon coming to a store near you? Mmm probably not but this video will definitely have you dreaming about it.

♥ How amazing is this abandoned outdoor cinema in the Sinai desert? I wish someone would do someone with it…

♥ I need these DIY house plants cupcakes in my life. Immediately.