Link Love 11.05.2014

♥ Russian artist Leonid Tishkov travels the world with his own glowing, crescent moon. Check out the rest of his stunning pictures here.

♥ Looking for a healthy pizza recipe? How about making this delicious looking cauliflower crust pizza?

♥ How to diffuse conflict and get angry people to calm down.

♥ I loved this article about Garance Dore’s amazing career and her relationship with Scott Schuman. They make quite an inspiring duo!

♥ Zac Efron sure likes to take off his shirt. I don’t think anyone’s complaining though. ;)

♥ 15 ways to be the happiest version of you.

♥ Did you know that Salvador Dali once published an erotic illustrated cookbook called ‘Le diner de Galas’? The book is now so rare that surviving copies cost an absolute fortune!

♥ 9 awesome Eurovision moments from the 2010’s. Go on, you know you want to.

♥ Do you live in the southern hemisphere? Here are a few tips to pick out your next winter coat and to wear a scarf!

♥ This is such a great wedding registry idea!

Your life in weeks – a great reminder that our time on earth is precious.


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