Link Love 16.09.2013

♥ 20 things we learnt from ‘Sex and the city‘. Abso-fuckin’-lutely.

♥ These business cards are brilliant.

♥ Yummy things to make this week: strawberry buttermilk scones , tomato pesto bites and plum blackberry cobbler.

♥ I want to live here.

♥ Do you have oily hair but can’t be bothered washing it every day? How about trying dry shampoo?

♥ Should you ever work for free?

♥ These glacier balls are so cool. Someone is definitely getting those for Christmas (and by someone I mean me).

♥ If Ben Affleck is good enough for Stan Lee then he’s good enough for me!

♥ Just a little English garden party with Gwyneth Paltrow and some of her closest friends…

11 reasons why Art is better though collaboration. And whilst we’re on the subject: this make-up collaboration between The Galleries Lafayette in Paris and ‘The Cherry Blossom Girl’ is just adorable. I need (yes, NEED) that make-up bag!

♥ Finally, wanna know the secret to work happiness? Track your efforts, not your achievements.