Link Love 16.12.2013

10 awesome ideas to re-use old doors – I love the idea of turning them into headboards!

♥ Having a bit of a crappy Monday? I’m pretty sure these 31 funny GIFS will make you smile…

♥ Did you know you can use apple cider vinegar as a toner for your skin? I’m intrigued.

♥ Ashley brought these amazing homemade ‘Kale Chips‘ to our last Blogcademy party and they were delish!

24 amazing pools from around the world – someone please bring me a parasol and a cocktail.

It’s OK if you don’t love yourself.

♥ I’m still hoping for this puss-in-books calendar to turn up under my Christmas tree – it’s just too cute!

♥ Garance Dore tried to quit sugar for a week – yep, I’m pretty sure that’s how it would go down for me too.

♥ Pets deserve cool Christmas gifts too!

♥ I loved this house tour so much, that library corner! *swoon*

♥ Santa Claus is literally everywhere at this time of the year.

♥ I’m beyond obsessed with this dress.

♥ This girl’s reaction to her friend’s engagement picture cracked me up.

♥ This rabbit cafe looks crazy adorable, only in Japan!


  • Oh my Greg Peck, I always love stopping by your gorgeous site, Pearl! So many snippets of fabulousness – Garance Dore’s sugar post made me love, it’s EXACTLY my attitude! And the appetizers look so yummy… I’m going to try and make a few for my Christmas party on Friday! xx

    • Thanks Caroline! Yeah I could never quit sugar either and I’m not really sure how I feel about all these kinds of cleanses/diets to be honest…whatever happened to a balanced diet with a touch of indulgence? -)

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