Link Love 17.02.2014

7 habits of incredibly happy people – I especially liked point #7.

♥ These national flags made from each country’s traditional food made me so hungry.

♥ I adore this print featuring the many shoes of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. Definitely something to pin on the inside of your closet door for daily inspiration!

The biggest obstacle is US.

♥ Sarah from Lace and Buckles included me on her list of top ten fashion bloggers to follow which was so lovely of her. I love all the bloggers on the list too!

6 tips for a better sex life – interesting.

♥ Shibam city in Yemen has been dubbed the ‘Manhattan of the Desert‘ because of its multitude of skyscrapers made out of mud. What a beautiful place!

10 foods you can eat from a jar – I need that banana ice cream in my life.

♥ I attended a really great speaking event at my friend Lisa’s house a few weeks ago and her speech on ‘existing fiercely‘ was without a doubt my favorite of the night. What a babe!

♥ It’s amazing what one can do with a rake and an empty beach.

♥ This French (subtitled) short film which takes place in a world where female and male roles have been be switched is both brilliant and very sobering.

Who said it:Karl or Kanye? – some of these quotes are frankly hilarious.

♥ Finally, no internet round up would be complete without 12 pictures of cats wearing haute couture!

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