Link Love 17.03.2014

♥ It’s St Patrick’s day! Let’s celebrate by sipping on a green cocktail, baking an ombre cake and wearing pretty green sparkly shoes!

What’s really in your bag?

7 signs your mom and dad were right about everything – just don’t tell mine I shared this, ok? They would enjoy it wayyyy too much.

♥ I loved Gabriella’s suggestions for creating adventure in your everyday life.

♥ It’s official, you can use coconut oil for EVERYTHING! Including making your own coconut oil toothpaste, who knew?!

♥ Do you love pretty prints but don’t really know how to mix and match them with block colors? Check out Caitlin’s great tips!

♥ I really identified with this article on the #banbossy campaign. How do you feel about it?

♥ What advice would you give your high school self?

♥ These anatomical collages by artist Travis Bedel are amazing, I especially love his use of bold colors.

♥ Fabulous bloggers Xandra and Caroline recently started a weekly podcast (aptly) called Fabulositea and it’s been so lovely to listen to their witty conversations!

♥ How cute is this Chicago apartment? I kinda want to steal all of its wall art.



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