Link Love 18.11.2013

♥ Which side of your brain do you think is more dominant? Are you left or right brained? Take the test now!

♥ This blog depicting beer labels in motion is pretty clever. If only they looked that cool in real life…

♥ The 11 differences between dating a Boy vs a Man. Hear, hear.

♥ When I first moved to Melbourne I was SO excited at the idea of having an Ikea nearby. Now that I’ve been there a few times this is how I feel about it.

♥ Check out the first pictures from ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Do you approve of the new leading man? I think I do!

♥ Can you believe it’s less than 50 days until the end of the year? Here are 50 things to do before 2014 hits!

♥ This article on exam marking made me laugh. I feel so sorry for teachers!

♥ This amazing twitter conversation really motivated me to use Twitter more. These social media managers are pretty awesome!

What to wear with burgundy boots. Some great tips there!

♥ The ultimate guide to ‘Saved By The Bell’ Fashion. Ahhh the 90’s….

ps. Have you completed my Pretty Mayhem survey? I’d really love to know what you think!

Batkid from San Francisco Chronicle on Vimeo.


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