Link Love 2.12.2013

If Harry Potter was made by Disney – Ariel would make such a cute Ginny Weasley!

(Re)Watching the entire Studio Ghibli catalogue – I think this might call for a movie marathon this weekend…

♥ Move over Mac Gyver – here are 99 life hacks to make your life easier. Hint: you’ll never throw another bread clip away!

♥ I love this cute project for a DIY advent calendar!

♥ These 37 bathrooms designs that fused with nature are pretty amazing. Although I’d probably draw the line at an outdoor toilet…

♥ These beautiful paintings of Hawaii made me want to visit the island even more. I need another holiday!

♥ Gala Darling wrote on an interesting piece on how every show she used to watch was based on judging other women. Are TV guilty pleasures always as harmless as we’d like them to be? Or are we just satisfying our inner mean girl?

50 US states recreated in Legos – it’s pretty much impossible to pick a favorite because they’re all so freakin’ cute! (although I’d love some of that Illinois ‘lemonade’).

To Facebook or not to Facebook, is it time for a social media diet?

Your dream gig should feel like work – yes it’s possible to be a dreamer and a worker!

♥ Don’t know what to buy for the crazy cat lady in your life? Gabriella‘s got your Christmas list sorted! Make sure to check out her Disney fanatic gift guide as well – so many cute things in there!

60 ways to make lemonade when life hands you lemons.

♥ Looking for a cocktail to match your music playlist? Check out Drinkify (simply enter the name of an artist and the site will provide you with a cocktail recipe to match! Most of the suggestions are pretty funny too)


  • Oh my gosh, the whole Studio Ghibli catalogue? I am impressed! I need to do the same shortly – as there are some I’ve completely missed out on watching!

    • Hi Lauren! It’s a two part series I think , she’s covering the more recent productions in her next post. There are definitely a few I’ve missed out on watching as well so I need to fix that asap!

      One word of warning though – do not watch ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ without a box of tissues next to you. It is SO sad -(

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