Link Love 20.04.2014

♥ Can you believe this stunning Moorish castle in Italy was abandoned for more than 20 years?

26 lazy girl hairstyling hacks -I need that hands-free hair dryer in my life.

♥ Don’t wash your denim jeans – freeze them!

♥ Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right? Because you can’t always be both.

♥ This dessert poster is so cute – and you can print it for free!

♥ Have your heard of the Faberge’s Big Egg Hunt in New York? Some of those ‘designer’ eggs are pretty crazy.

♥ A mini Margarita flight – why have one cocktail when you could have three (mini ones)?! I think they’d go perfectly with these smoked salmon frittata bites too.

♥ Mark and I are going to watch the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel‘ tomorrow and I can’t wait! Have you seen it? What did you think?

How to evaluate cost per wear (and perhaps justify your latest expensive purchase to your partner).

♥ I love the idea of using a vintage locker as a kitchen pantry. Something to think about for our next house…

Ps. banana mufins, 12 lessons I learned from watching Sex and the City.










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  • Hi Pearl, went to see the Grand Budapest Hotel on Sat night. Our friends thought it would be good because Magaret from “At the Movies” gave it 5 stars and raved about it as being the best movie she’s ever seen. Not to seem derogatory of Margaret, but I usually find the ones she loves I hate and vice versa and this was no exception. If you like slapstick, farce and a very strange plot, you’ll like this, but I don’t particularly, so I didn’t. Ralph Fiennes needless to say is brilliant in it however. What did you think?

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