Link Love 21.10.2013

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I got back to Australia last week and spent Saturday soaking in the Australian sunshine and enjoying a few (too many) cocktails by the beach which was the perfect way to cure my post-holiday blues.  On Sunday I also got to meet some pretty cool bloggers from the upcoming Blogcademy which made me even more excited for the workshop. I’ve already started making a few changes to Pretty Mayhem but there’s still more to come in the next few weeks weeks. I hope you like it!

In the meantime here are some awesome links to keep you busy:

♥ What if rappers were copywriters?

♥ Can your star sign determine your Halloween candy choice? Yeah I know, I kinda laughed when I first read the title of this article too but you know what? Mine was pretty dead on!

♥ This cute cartoon on ‘how we see things in our heads vs. reality‘ made me smile. I also loved this cartoon by Indieberries on 26 things she’d like to say to dentists. Nb. Don’t read this if you’re a dentist.

♥ 3 easy steps to start practicing gratitude today.

♥ I’m not sure if it’s because I just visited my friend in Brussels or if it’s because I can’t resist mezzanine apartments but I was really attracted to this designer’s home tour in the Belgium capital.

♥ These illustrations of Disney icons as collegiate characters are awesome. I especially loved Belle’s and Alice’s modern-day outfits, although Tarzan looked pretty spiffy as a skater boy too.

♥ Street artist Banksy is in New York at the moment and he’s been leaving a trail of epic work all around the Big Apple. As part of his month-long residency he set up an unmarked art stall which sold some of his pieces (worth thousands of dollars) for as low as 30 bucks. The funniest thing is that most people weren’t even interested in buying!

♥ Gala Darling launched her new ‘Dare/Dream/Do‘ e-course on her website yesterday and it sounds pretty amazing! Will you be signing up?

♥ 3 yummy things to make this week: Frida Kahlo sugar cookies, a purple plum torte and a berry smoothie.

♥ This is why Pugs ALWAYS win at Halloween.


  • Hello gorgeous Pearl! Thank you so much for your lovely comment – I’m so glad you stopped by Sparkles & Crumbs as it means I got to discover your GORGEOUS site! I’m loving how adventure and foodie themed it is… two of my favourite things! :) I’m SO envious of you heading off to the Blogcademy – it will be utterly amazing!
    And Before Midnight… oh my gosh, I sobbed and sobbed. It’s so perfect, isn’t it? [still think my absolute favourite is Before Sunset, though… how about you?]
    I would absolutely LOVE to feature you Saturday Champagne Tea, so do drop me an e-mail if you’d like to take part! :)
    Muchos love, sparkles and crumbs xxx

    • Hi Caroline! Thank you for the lovely compliments – I’m so glad you like the blog and I’d love to take part in your interview series! I’ll email you tonight. It’s so hard trying to decide which Before movie I love most. Maybe Before Sunset as well because it takes place in Paris. Although I shed a few tears with the last one too…I think it was the one that felt the most ‘real’ to me.

    • I can never get enough of Disney stuff. That link is awesome! I love Snow White as Wonder Woman lol

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