Link Love 23.12.2013

♥ I’m not sure if I’m feeling especially emotional due to the holiday season but two stories made me cry like a baby this week. The first one was about a widower who recreated his wedding photos with his 3 year old daughter as a way to say good bye to his late wife and the house they loved so much. The second was about a terminally ill mother making the most beautiful Christmas wish for her family.

♥ Architect Ricardo Bofill bought an abandoned cement factory and transformed it into the most incredible home.

♥ I love these Christmas gift cards by ‘Oxfam unwrapped‘. Not only are the proceeds going to a good cause but they’re also super funny and cute.

♥ I think these eggnog cinnamon rolls would make the perfect Christmas day treat. Although eating a rocky road Christmas tree would be equally awesome.

♥ Lauren’s travel series about Japan is making me want to go back to Tokyo so bad! Also these 20 inspiring quotes about travel are not helping my wanderlust either!

30 stylish books for fashion lovers. ‘For the love of shoes‘ is definitely of my must-read list.

♥ Are you a fan Disney’s movie ‘The Beauty and the Beast’? If yes, then this is the restaurant for you!

♥ Gala Darling designed a gorgeous jewellery collection around the concept of radical self love. I especially love the stack-able rings that say magical and dreamer, possibly my two favorite words! (after ‘Champagne‘).

♥ See 2013’s biggest moments recreated in play doh – cute!

♥ This is why I’m dreaming of a French bulldog for Christmas (it’s not going to happen though….yet!)