Link Love: 24.03.2014

33 awesome things you might want to include in your dream home. #5 and #9 are so clever!

Vinyl collectors always have the best stories.

♥ I loved this Q&A with Dita Von Teese. Could she be any more fabulous?

19 things you can do to make the world a slightly better place. Little changes can go a long way!

♥ Gwyneth Paltrow recently went sans make up for World Water Day and surprise, surprise, she still looked just as gorgeous.

Kim and Kanye are on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue. I must say I really love this Lanvin wedding dress on her. The massive rock on her finger isn’t bad either :)

♥ These graphic wallpapers are so cool! Sometimes I really wish I owned a home just so that I could decorate it with all sorts of crazy stuff (if only they didn’t come with huge mortgages…).

♥ Do you get really nervous during speeches or oral presentations? Here are some great tips to master public speaking.

♥ I was so excited to hear that Sophia Coppola will be directing a live action adaptation of The Little Mermaid! Although I have a feeling she’ll stick with the original ending rather than the Disney one. Tissues may be needed…

♥ Just book that flight. And whilst we’re on the subject of traveling, check out these sweet airplanes interiors from 60’s-70’s.

♥ How cool is this kit house designed by Snoop Dogg and Emily Henderson? I’m so in love with the velvet couch…


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