Link Love 25.11.2013

♥ Having trouble finding inspiration? Here are some great tips to get your creative spark back.

♥ I love these photos portraying cosplay enthusiasts in their homes. I wonder what would happen if a Jehovah’s witness suddenly knocked on their door?

How to talk to people you don’t know – no more awkward silences!

10 things you can do to to add some sparkle to your day – a Lush bubble bath never fails to cheer me up.

♥ I never get sick of street art and I can’t believe how clever some of these best examples from 2012 are…The building block transformed into a mini apartment building is probably my favorite, it’s genius!

The 15 most iconic shoes of 2013 – some interesting choices here…(Birkenstock, really?)

50 pieces of advice for a happy marriage – let’s just say I’m still working on #7 and #36.

♥ These three gorgeous real life mermaids are living out every girl’s childhood dream!

♥ Easy Cinnamon rolls – yum!

The easiest way to remove glitter nail polish. Ohhhhh so that’s how you do it.

♥ Angelina Jolie recently won an honorary Oscar for her humanitarian work and her acceptance speech was simply beautiful.

♥ Let’s all pretend we’re in ‘the Sound of Music’ and dance around this amazing green house style pavilion in Madrid!

Things New Yorkers do – such a funny article, I can’t wait for the Parisian edition!

Ps. How to cook Thai food and master stir fries, A Good Times Mixtape, My favorite 15 dance scenes in movies.


  • Thankyou so much for listing my link amongst all these amazing other links! Going to buy some reading snacks and indulge in these tomorrow night :)

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