Link Love 28.10.2013

♥ I love the concept behind this ‘Scratch and Sniff‘ wine book. Might be a bit gimmicky but it would be such a fun way to learn about wine. Mmm…potential Christmas present?

8 Halloween costumes for couples who hate Halloween. This one is for you Terri!

♥ Photos of the Isabel Marant for H&M collection have been released and it looks amazing! We don’t have H&M here so I may need to bribe a French friend to get a few pieces for me…

♥ Just finished a book you loved? Here are 5 ways to find your next favorite book.

♥ The Mercury retrograde is officially here until the 10th of November. Check out Gala’s guide to surviving this tough astrological time.

♥ These maple cream filled spice doughnuts sound beyond delicious…

♥ 20 contemporary architects and designers were asked to build a 21st century doll’s house and the results are pretty damn cool.

♥ Lucas’ Papaw ointment (which I love) just got voted product of the year. Here are 30 ways to use this australian cult classic!

♥ This underwater Spa in the Maldives sounds divine. I think I need another holiday -)

♥ I so wish my cat would be docile enough to pose for a cat calendar. But alas no so I might just have to buy one instead, especially since a part of the proceeds go to charity!


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