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Happy Sunday!

How was your week mes amies? Mark and I moved into our new apartment last week so the last few days have been all about unpacking the last of our boxes and re-arranging our furniture in every way way possible (much to the dismay of my Honey, who after trying the couch in the 6th different place, started to lose his patience and joie de vivre just a little bit).

I’m very happy about our new place which, although slightly smaller than our previous house, has some very cute outdoor spaces (including a rooftop terrace, yay!) which I’m now dying to decorate. Ikea, here we come!

Tonight I’m off to watch my friend Lisa act in her new play so it should be a fun night!

Before I go though, here are a few entertaining links I found on the internet lately:

♥ Do you believe in numerology? Check out this easy guide to find out your life number path!

♥ You’re invited to an Otherworldly Dinner Party.

♥ Looking stylish in Winter can be tricky. Here are some great tips on what to wear to the office during the winter months. Alternatively (and if you don’t have to worry about silly dress codes), you could just rock any of these gorgeous purple hairstyles for the season!

♥ A few recipes to try out this week: fruity summer cupcakes, Peaches Roasted in Amaretto and a champagne cocktail!

15 Projects You Can Make with Paper – one day I’ll get around to making that paint swatch wall art…one day.

♥ I’m obsessed with everything Italian at the moment so this post on taking style inspiration from the italians was just perfection to me.

♥ 18 empowering illustrations to remind everyone who’s really in charge of women’s bodies.

♥ Have you been running low on creative steam lately? Here are 5 Ways to boost your creativity.

♥ Some gorgeous pictures from the winners of the iPhone photography awards.

5 podcasts to rock your commute – (thanks Caroline for originally sharing this link).

♥ Gothic bake queen Christine McConnell has taken Instagram by storm with her gorgeous creepy cakes. I just love her take on the classic apple pecan pie!

How to kill money anxiety – I soooo need to learn how to do that.

Ps. How to host an Italian style cocktail party at home, what to wear to a bachelorette party.

opening image via: Outstanding in the field.



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