Link Love: 9.09.13

♥ Comedian Sarah Silverman wrote the most beautiful tribute for her late dog Duck. I’m warning you though, it’s a tearjerker!

Kim Kardashian posed for Karl Lagerfeld whilst heavily pregnant and the results are…interesting.

♥ So this is what 24 hours at the Burning Man festival looks like…

♥ I loved this guide by Gala Darling on how to live your life by the moon

♥ Who needs a tailor? Check out these easy tips to repair your clothes at home. And if you’re feeling really crafty then how about making these gorgeous DIY felt flowers?

♥ After months of speculation, the leading roles for the upcoming movie ’50 shades of grey’ have finally been cast. What do you think about the director’s choice? Am I the only one who wishes Ryan Gosling had been cast instead?

♥ I’d love to host a speakeasy 1920’s themed party this summer.

♥ Even ice cold Anna Wintour can’t resist Harper Beckham’s cuteness!

♥ How to escape an awkward blind date – without pretending to have an emergency or leaving through the back door.

♥ Got a big dream? Start with one room.

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