Link Love – April 2013


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Happy Monday!

I hope that you had a beautiful weekend and got up to lots of crazy and exciting things. After having two short working weeks in a row (thanks to Easter), this weekend somehow felt way too short for me… So, if like me you’re suffering from a strong case of Monday-itis, here are some links that should brighten your day (or at least provide you with some work procrastination tools):

♥ If you live on my side of the world and are in Auckland then please come and check out this fabulous art exhibition (organized by yours truly). It’s free!

♥ I’ve been considering getting a new tattoo for a while but this hilarious article definitely reminded me that you should choose your tattoos carefully!

♥ How amazing does the new trailer for The Great Gatsby look, I can’t wait to see it! Equally exciting is the news that Arrested Development will be coming back for another season! Eeeeek!

♥ Ever wondered what Barbie would look like without her 80’s make up?

♥ I think this Piñata cake would make any kid’s Birthday party! Or any kind of party really, it’s just too cute…

♥ Coco Chanel’s old Parisian apartment is as beautiful and elegant as you would expect

♥ Gala Darling rounded up some of her dream hotel destinations. I’m not usually one for roughing it but that ‘Shack up Inn’ just looks too cool to pass.

♥ I had never thought about making burgers out of Edamame beans but these sure look yummy!

♥ Welcome to Dollywood! (yes there is such a thing, and it actually looks pretty fun)

♥ Daft Punk are releasing a new album soon and have been teasing fans all over the world through their clever drip feed marketing campaign. Are you as intrigued as I am?

♥ George FM put it to a vote and counted down the 50 greatest dance tunes of all time. Do you agree with this list?

♥ And finally, if your Monday is really not going as well as you’d hope I dare you not to smile at this.

Have a fantastic week!

x Pearl

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