Link Love – June 2013

Hingham Middle School pays tribute to retiring Principal Roger Boddie


Happy Wednesday!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic week so far. I’m sorry for my lack of blogging this past week; Mark and I have just moved into a new house and are still waiting for the internet to be connected (why it takes 10 days to get an internet connection but only 24 hours to get everything else, I’ll never know!). I’ve also been busy with other very important things such as staring at my new lounge for hours, trying to work out where my imaginary couch is going to go and wondering how well it will go with that amazing imaginary lamp I can’t afford. All this whilst my boxes remained unpacked in the corner of the room of course. So yeah…sorry.

To redeem myself though, I’ve compiled a list of fun links for you that should keep you entertained for the rest of the week.


♥  If you have a serious case of ‘Great Gatsby’ fever and long to re-recreate some of that roaring 20’s magic, then how about throwing your own Great Gatsby Party, complete with flapper-inspired Fashion and Daisy Buchanan make-up?

♥  Have you always wished you could be one of those witty people who have a smart answer for everything? Alexandra Franzen shows you how to be sharp, witty and eloquent on command!

♥  These mojito jello shots are making me dream of summer BBQ’ s and beach parties.

♥  Reading this review of The Bling Ring’ by Gala Darling made me want to watch the movie even more! I have to admit I never thought Emma Watson would blossom into such a sexy and amazing actress. Gone are the Hermione days!

♥  A sweet lesson on patience and random acts of kindness.

♥  Sometimes even our closest friends mess up, how do you deal with people who disappoint you?

♥  Are hairy tights the new pepper spray? Believe it or not, these bad boys have sparked quite a debate over the internet.

♥ This toast art is taking being creative in the kitchen to a whole new level. I love the Pacman design! Equally entertaining are these images of statues dressed as hipsters. What would Rodin think?

♥ If like me you’re not photogenic at all and are always cringing at Facebook party pics, here are some very useful tips on how to look better in photos.

♥ What I wouldn’t do to see this Christian Louboutins exhibition. *sigh*

♥ 15 facts that prove cat people aren’t crazy (but awesome). Yes!

♥ Finally Nicole from ‘life less bullshit’ wrote an open letter to her 18-year-old niece and the advice she shared with her was pretty awesome. Here are her thoughts on love:  “And when you find someone who you can’t imagine your life without? Let yourself fall in love so hard it feels more like falling off the edge of a cliff. Because in love, as in life, it isn’t until you go over the edge that you realize you can fly.”