A Moroccan Dinner Party (YOPC #5)

I’m throwing a themed party every month this year and this month I’m sharing the details of my Moroccan dinner party. You can read more about my ‘year of parties’ challenge here.

I’m so excited to share the details of my May dinner party with you today. The theme for the evening was inspired by Morocco and its neighboring countries. This gave me the opportunity to dress up our table in bold jewel tones and indulge in some of my favorite North African dishes. It was such a great night!

Here’s how I put my Moroccan dinner party together (with a little help from Mr Mayhem of course ;)) :

Setting The Scene

Whilst I would have loved to go all out and turn my house into a gorgeous Moroccan palace, I sadly had a non-royal budget for this party and had to be strategic in my spendings.

I decided to focus most of my decorating efforts on the dining area and used simple-yet-romantic tealights to decorate the rest of the house. This actually worked out very well as the guests got a lovely surprise when they entered the dining room. My friend even said that she felt as if she had stepped into a tent in the desert! (bless her ;) )

Based on our theme and existing servingware, I chose a ‘jewel tones with gold accents’ color palette for the table.

I picked up a few metres of fabric from my local craft store (which happened to be on sale – score!) and used it to create a faux tablecloth and runner. This is a little trick I often use for my parties as it’s much cheaper than buying new table linen and nobody ever notices the difference! I’ve also seen people use wrapping paper for a similar effect.

I already owned a few gold candles and a black lantern but when I saw these Moroccan-style candle holders at a store down the road, I couldn’t resist buying them – they fit the theme so perfectly!

The fresh roses and lilies were from a local fruit and vegetables shop. If I hadn’t found flowers in my color palette then I probably would have filled vases with oranges instead.

As a final touch, I scaterred rose petals across the table as well as mini gold stars I had kept from a previous party.

The Food & Drinks

One of the great things about North African cooking (besides its incredible flavors) is that it includes many dishes that can either be made ahead of time or done in a slow cooker. Despite serving a 3-course meal, I was able to get most of the cooking done the night before my party which was great!

Here’s the 1001 nights inspired menu I put together:


Mezze platter (using store-bought products)


Spiced carrot soup with crisped chickpeas and tahini ( I made the soup the night before and simply the roasted the chickpeas before serving)


Chicken tagine with preserved lemon and olives (made in a slow cooker and served with couscous)


Persian orange and almond cake (made the night before & served with yogurt)


White & red wine

Homemade Mint tea

Finally, I once again turned to Spotify for music and started the evening with North African music.

The party was a hit! Even though we didn’t get to dine in a luxurious tent set in the desert, I  feel we still got to enjoy a slice of Morocco.:)

Next, I’ll be sharing the details of my “Afternoon tea party”. Stay tuned! xx

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