New Year’s Day Beauty: How To Look Good With A Hangover

hangover beauty tips

If like me you can’t resist giving into the ‘silly season’, chances are you’ll be waking up with a hangover on New Year’s Day. Although you can’t really do anything about the lack of sleep and overall feeling of crappiness that comes with a hangover (yeah I know – you’ll never drink again…) there are a few things you can do to at least look like you’ve had a quiet night at home.

Here are 5 easy tips and tricks to look fresh-faced after a big night out:

1- Sip on it

Water that is. If you know that you’re in for a big night then do the smart thing and sneak in some water in between those glasses of Champagne. Drinking a couple of glasses of water just before going to sleep will also work wonders for your skin overnight (and will help ease that morning-after hangover).

If you’re reading this on New year’s Day and that water ship has already sailed, don’t despair. Just grab yourself a BIG glass now (or even better – send your boyfriend out for some super hydrating coconut water or some good old Powerade), start sipping and move on to Phase 2….

2- Scrub it good

I’m gonna go on a limb here and say that you probably smell as good as you feel right about now – and even if you can’t smell it yourself please be assured that everyone around you can. It’s time for a shower. If you can muster the strength to wash your hair as well then even better but if you can’t – that’s OK , we’ll take care of that later.

On the other hand, brushing your teeth is not optional.

3- Do…Go over the top with the moisturizer

The worst thing about a hangover (besides the thumping headache and flashbacks from hell) is that it leaves you with hideous looking skin and red puffy eyes. Alcohol dehydrates the crap out of your skin so the key is to hydrate it as much as possible.

If you happen to have to have a hydrating face mask lying around then congratulations you’ve hit the jackpot! Just lie on your bed for ten minutes (you know you want to) with a thick layer of the stuff on and let the magic happens. If you don’t have a face mask, simply apply a thick layer of moisturizer all over your face and leave it on for ten minutes before washing off the excess.

Cold compresses over the eyes work well to remove puffiness as do slices of cucumber, cold tea bags and the old cold-spoons-over-the-eyes trick. Eye rollers are also life savers.

4- Don’t…over do it with the makeup

Nothing screams hangover louder than caked-on make up. What we’re aiming for here is a fresh faced, natural glow.

Face: Stay away from heavy or powdery foundations (they will only accentuate your dehydrated spots) and opt for a tinted moisturizer instead. Highlighters and bronzers are also your friends but a peachy toned blush could do the job just fine.

Eyes: If your eyes are still a bit puffy then skip the eye shadow and simply apply two coats of mascara. You could also use a white or flesh tones eye liner on the water line to brighten up the eye a bit. Finally, use a nice creamy concealer to hide those nasty dark circles under your eyes.

Lips: Bright lipsticks can be great to detract people’s attention from your tired eyes but make sure you apply a good lip balm first so that you don’t end up with creased/flakey lippy!

5- Rock that Messy Bun

If you’ve managed to have a shower and to wash and dry your hair then I applaud you. You are a hangover beauty queen. But if you’re anything like me and still sitting with a jungle mess on top of your head then simply spray some dry shampoo on your hair, run a comb through it, and put the whole thing into a messy bun.

A touch of perfume is a nice final touch.

Right…now all you need is a Bloody Mary, some scrambled eggs and you’re good to go! After all, you have all year to work on that ‘not drinking’ resolution…

x Happy Partying!

ps. What are your hangover beauty cures? Make sure to share your tips and tricks in the comments section below!

image source: Kirsten Dunst in ‘Marie Antoinette’.