Personal Favourites: TV Series

TV Watching My friend and I were talking about some of our favourite TV shows the other day and this inspired me to share my list of favourites with you. Now if you’re anything like my friend you’ll probably be appalled to know that ‘Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’ figures on my ‘all time favourites’ list. Then again, if you’re still reading on after I made this confession then this is a good sign that you’ve stumbled upon the right blog and that we can be friends.

To keep the list manageable I’ve excluded cartoons, sitcoms and reality TV shows (don’t worry, we’ll talk about those another time). Please also note that the videos below contain spoilers and R18 scenes!

What are some of your favourite TV shows? I’m always on the hunt for a good watch!

♥ Six Feet Under

Although things started to get a little bit too grim towards the end, the first three seasons of this show were just too great to leave it off the list. The ensemble cast was amazing, portraying characters that were deeply flawed and yet incredibly relatable. And what an epic final scene! That song alone gives me goosebumps…

♥ Californication

I was never a big fan of the X files but after watching David Duchovny in Californication, I almost feel like watching the whole box set just so that I can watch him a little longer. Again, the characters are pretty messed up but you just can’t help but care about Hank and hope that he gets to sort his sh* out with Karen one day. The raunchy scenes and oh-so-inappropriate humour is just the cherry on top.

♥ Grey’s Anatomy

I tried really hard to not like that show, I mean – how many more hospital dramas do we need? But to be honest they had me at ‘Mc Steamy’ and ‘Mc Dreamy’. Even after all this time I still cry like a baby at almost every episode –  I just can’t help it.

♥ Mad Men

What first drew me to Mad Men were the aesthetics of the show. The costumes and set design are so amazing that I could honestly watch the show just for that. Thankfully, the storyline is just as great and it’s one of these TV series that the Boy won’t mind watching as well. Because let’s face it – every man wants to be Don Drapper.

♥ Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ True Blood

So yeah… I love vampire stories. Any vampire story really. I even sat through all of the Twilight series so this should say enough about my shameful obsession really. Buffy was probably my favourite show as a teenager and I may or may not still own the box set. All jokes aside – I think that beyond all the supernatural stuff what really made the show stand out was the fact that the characters really evolved throughout the series and that the script was always really funny.

Nowadays, I’m really into True Blood which provides a sexier, more thrilling update on the whole vampire/ innocent human love story.

♥ Extras

This was a tough choice as I also love ‘The Office’ UK edition. Ultimately though, Extras is the show that resonated with me the most. I used to work in the Film and TV industry and Ricky Gervais’ interpretation of extras working on film sets was just hilarious. The episode in which Kate Winslet plays a potty mouth actress who will do anything to win an Oscar is my favourite.

♥ Sex and the City

This is probably my all time favourite TV show.  I just loved everything about it: from the strong women characters, to the underlying love story and brutally honest girl talk about sex. I don’t think there are many women who did not at one point dream of having Carrie’s job, apartment and most importantly: closet!

♥ Game of Thrones

I hesitated in putting this one on the list because it’s a relatively recent show but as my Honey said, the first three seasons are already better than anything we’ve watched in the last few years. Also, you gotta admire any show that’s not afraid of killing off everyone’s favorite characters for the benefit of a strong story. Can’t wait to see more of this season…

♥ Entourage

Sometimes referred to as the Sex and the city for men (although I think it’s a stretch) Entourage had a fantastic core cast, entertaining storyline and some pretty hilarious one liners. Ari Gold was such a fantastic character and for me he really made the show. I also loved all the cameos and the fact that well-known stars weren’t afraid to play really detestable characters.

♥ The Sopranos

No list would be complete without The Sopranos. Again this is one of those shows that you can watch with your man and that was basically perfect from beginning to end, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time.

Other favourites that almost made the top 10 list: Breaking Bad, Dexter, Bewitched, The Misfits, Lost, Dead like me, Flight of the Conchords, Boardwalk empire….the list goes on!


    • Lol – I know not many people will agree with me on that one! But I can’t lie, I still love Buffy -)

      • Pearl you know I have your back with the Buffy call!! I love this list, only thing I would add is Gossip Girl (exclusive to Season 1&2) and Smash (you will love this, it’s set on Broadway) x

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