Postcards From Western Australia (Part 1)

little creatures 4

Mark and I went on a mini holiday to Western Australia last week to visit a couple of friends from New Zealand who happened to move to Perth at the same time as we moved to Melbourne.

It was great to discover a different part of Australia and we were especially lucky to be guided by locals. Our friends made sure we made the most of our 4 day stay and took us to some amazing places. We even got to do a wine tour in Margaret River, which I’ll talk about some more on Sunday as I feel it deserves its own post.

In the meantime I thought I’d share a few of the highlights from our first couple of days in WA which included a trip to the historic town of Fremantle and a visit to the Cohunu Koala park where I got to tick one big item off my bucket list and hug a koala! I think the picture below shows just  how happy I was about that :)


fremantle 1

fremantle 2

fremantle 5

fremantle 6

fremantle 7

fremantle 8

fremantle 9

fremantle 10


fremantle 11

fremantle 12

fremantle 14

fremantle 15

fremantle 16

fremantle 18

Lunch stop at ‘Little Creatures’ in Fremantle (So good!)

little creatures 2

little creatures food in fremantle

little creatures 3

Cohunu Koala Park

koala hug

zoo 1

zoo 2

zoo 3


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