Pretty Outings: Madame Brussels Rooftop Bar

toasted sandwiches madamme brussels

Whenever my girlfriends come to visit me in Melbourne I almost always take them to Madame Brussels. Melbourne has got a few great rooftops bars but the reason why I love Madame Brussels the most is because the whole place is decked out like a gorgeous English garden party. Complete with cute chairs, astro-turf, parasols and staff dressed in tennis-inspired outfits – it’s pretty much girly heaven.

The other fun thing about Madame Brussels is that it involves a nice element of surprise. From the street, the building looks pretty boring (you can barely see the bar sign) and the elevator that takes you upstairs is pretty old and dodgy. When I took my friend MJ there yesterday for example, I could see in her eyes that she was wondering just what kind of place I was taking her to and formulating a quick escape plan in her mind. As the door opened though, she literally squealed. She had arrived in girly heaven.

madame brussels melbourne

We found a nice table in the shade and poured over the extensive pink and quirky menu.

Love the ice cream note

Madame Brussels’ specialty is punch so we decided to order the ‘lip smacker’; a concoction made of watermelon and rosewater (and okay, maybe some vodka too). As the name suggests, it was fabulous if albeit sweet.

We also got sausage rolls (when in Rome), mini poached chicken toasted sandwiches, and a lovely cheese platter to share.

madame brussels food

And then of course we played bloggers and took loads of photos of everything.

But mainly of ourselves.

Because we’re bloggers and we can’t help it.

pearl with parasol 2 pearl with parasol mj parasol

mj and i

We bloggers also like to match our hair and outfits to our surroundings. ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Anyway – if you’re ever in Melbourne I’d definitely suggest you check out Madame Brussels in the CBD. The drinks and food aren’t particularly cheap to be honest but the setting and lovely staff definitely make up for it!

Happy rooftop-ing x

ps. This is not a sponsored post! All opinions and silly photos are my own.


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