Pretty Outings: White Night Melbourne 2015

white night forum

On Saturday night, Mark and I headed to ‘White Night Melbourne’ – an event originally inspired by Paris’s ‘Nuits blanches’ and other similar all-night events around the globe. From 7pm to 7am the whole city center turned into ‘a celebration of music, food, art and light’ with numerous art installations, amazing projections, concerts and much, much more.

It was our second time at the festival and just like last year it made for the best date night.

Here are a few photos I took during the night (I say ‘during the night’ to make it sound like I stayed up until the 7am finish but don’t be fooled, I was in bed at 1.30am).

Some of the images are a little blurry due the low light conditions but hopefully you’ll still get an idea of how great this festival is!

wonderland projection

white night 4

white night 8

white night forum

white night 2015

white night 5

The circus-themed projections in the city’s downtown area were my favorite part of the festival last year but I have to say that this year’s ‘Wonderland’ theme was even more amazing! Maybe it’s because I’m such an Alice in Wonderland fan but I was really blown away by the all the gorgeous imagery and overall quality of the projections.

The State library was also covered in cool Wonderland-themed pictures. My only regret of the night was to decide to skip the long queue to get inside. I hear the indoor show was equally fantastic.

white night 2

white night melbourne

The floating lily pads on the Yarra river were also a very pretty feature and I loved the reflection they cast on the water. There was also a great band playing on the other side of the river as well as a fire breathing dragon (which I somehow completely forgot to photograph – bad blogger!).



white night 16

Mark’s favorite part of the festival was a mesmerizing art installation which used rotating wheels with attached stereos to create different sounds. It took place in a dark area in a park which only added to the spooky sounds and atmosphere. We laid down in the grass and listened to the sound effects for a while before my ears actually started ringing a little.

white night 18

rotating music

The areas I just mentioned were probably the highlights of our evening but there were plenty of other sights that kept us entertained as you can see from the photos below… I can’t wait till next year!

Have you ever been to White Night Melbourne or a similar event? What did you think?

white night sign

white night 11

white night 20

white night 9

flinders street white night

white night 17

music melbourn white night


white night 13

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white night 19

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