Pretty Outings: The Heide Museum Of Modern Art

heide 4

Today Mark and I headed to Bulleen, a small town located 20mins outside of Melbourne, to visit the Heide Museum of Modern Art. I had heard great things about it and I must say I wasn’t disappointed. We had a great time wandering through the various parts of the museum (which simply started as the home of an art lovers’ couple) and its big sculpture park.

I have to admit I didn’t always use to like modern and contemporary art as I found out it a little confusing/frustrating. However, in the last few years I’ve come to appreciate it a whole lot more. I still don’t always ‘get’ certain pieces (especially ‘installations’) but I guess that’s also kind of the whole point of contemporary art  – it challenges you and is always open to interpretation. If you do enjoy this type of art and live around Melbourne then I definitely recommend you check out the Heide museum!

Here are some of the great pieces we saw today:

heide 3

heide 6

heide 7

heide 8

heide 9

heide 10

heide 11

heide 27

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heide 14

heide 28

heide 15

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heide 20

heide 21

heide 22

heide 23

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heide 25

How do you feel about modern and contemporary art? Do you have any favorite contemporary artists?


  • Hi dear! This is totally on my list when I’ll visit Melbourne next year! I love modern art and museum of that kind. I enjoyed very much german modern art museums (Berlin and Munich). I love Tate Modern of course. I like those because they are like fun museums! (for me of course…)
    xx cathy

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