Pretty Travels Vol. 4: My Top 3 Hotel Experiences

Pretty travels link up party 4

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of the Pretty Travels link up party! This month’s theme is ‘Amazing Accommodation‘ so get ready to be whisked away to fabulous locations with fantastic hotels to match. If you’re a blogger and would like to share your stories then simply read the guidelines below and add your link at the bottom of the post!

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels in my life. Some of them were nice, some of them not so nice (I vividly recall a large cockroach falling onto my shoulder in a hotel shower in Burundi when I was 10 years old (#scarredforlife)) and some of them were absolutely a-ma-zing. So today I thought I’d reminisce about the good times (let’s agree to never talk about cockroaches again, ok?) and share some of my most memorable hotel stays with you.

1. Hotel De Brett (Auckland – New Zealand)

auckland hotel

Mark and I stayed two nights at the Hotel de Brett for our wedding three years ago and I’ve been dreaming of going back there ever since. There are many things to love about the place (the friendly staff, CBD location, lovely restaurant) but what I love the most about it is its decor. From the multi-colored carpet through to the elegant bedroom mirrors and funky bathroom tiles, the whole place is just a design lover’s dream. It also has a definite mid-century-meet-modern vibe which I absolutely love. Basically I want to live there.

2. Vedana Lagoon Resort (Hue – Vietnam)

resort hue

I’m not usually big on resorts. I know some people love  them and see them as the ultimate place to relax but for me the thought of being stuck with a bunch of people in a (often) remote location, with nothing else to do but spend hours by the pool and eat three times a day from the same buffet is just not appealing at all.

So what made me decide to go to this particular place you might ask? Well if I have to be honest it was the individual bungalows that sold me. I know, I’m such a sucker. But they just looked so cute perched over the lagoon and the hotel had so many great reviews that I just had to check it out. Besides it was for our belated honeymoon, we only stayed for three nights and we got a great deal online. Ok I’m done justifying myself. The truth is – I loved it. The bungalows were amazing, the sunsets splendid and the cocktails by the pool were damn fine too.

Hi, my name is Pearl and I’m a resort addict.

3. Riad Dar Mayssane (Rabat – Morrocco)

rabat riad

I stayed for a week in this lovely Riad (Moroccan B&B) with my parents a couple of years ago and satisfied all of 1001 nights dreams in the process. The indoor courtyard is magical and I spent many afternoons reading a book on their rooftop terrace whilst enjoying their homemade mint tea and biscuits. Not to mention the four poster bed made me feel like a princess every night.

What hotels have you stayed at and loved? I’d love to hear your recommendations!

* All photos taken from the hotels’ official websites.

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  • The Moroccan B&B looks fantastic. The best hotel I have ever stayed in was in Egypt built in the Moorish style – The Al-Moudira in Luxor. It was the personification of simple elegance and luxury.

  • Oh wow these hotels look great! I’ve been to NZ and Vietnam but have never stayed in Hue. Gosh it makes a difference when you stay at an amazing place doesn’t it!

    • It sure does! I really enjoyed Hue for its cultural side – they were so many historical places to visit there that I would have happily stayed an extra day or two to see more of the royal tombs and pagodas. Also, the hotel was truly wonderful so it played a big part in making our stay memorable.

  • Wow those look amazing! I’ve always wanted to stay in a resort like that, but I feel like I would get bored–three days sounds like the perfect amount of time! :)

    • I get bored easily so I totally get what you mean. I found that three days is ok though, especially if there is a town nearby with a lot of attractions to keep you busy (for example we spent the day visiting temples and ruins in Hue and the evenings drinking cocktails on our deck at the resort – not a bad combo ;) )

    • I still think of these hotels very fondly. What really set them apart I think was the fact that they all had really nice staff. I think that’s one of my most important criteria when staying anywhere. The hotel itself can be so so but if the staff is really nice then I almost don’t mind :)

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