Sculpture On The Gulf – Waiheke Island, New Zealand

sculpture on the gulf

Konstantin Dimopoulos ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

Waiheke is one of my favorite weekend destinations so I’m always keen to hop on the 35 min ferry to pay the island a little visit. Most of the time I go there with the view of indulging in some gorgeous local food and a spot of wine tasting but on Sunday I went there for something even more exciting: the ‘Sculpture on the Gulf’ exhibition.

If you haven’t heard about it before, the ‘Sculpture on the Gulf’ is an outdoor sculpture trail featuring an array of well-established and emerging New Zealand artists. It only takes place every couple of years and lasts for about three weeks so it’s a very special event.

The weather on Sunday was perfect which made the one and a half hour walk along the art trail an almost magical experience. Set against the clear sky and deep blue water the sculptures almost looked as if they had always been there, just waiting to be discovered.

Here are a few pics I took along the way:

sculpture on the gulf

Matthew Muir ‘April 1975’


Ray Haydon ‘Zenith’

artwork waiheke island

Jeff Thomson ‘Knotty’


 Jonathan Organ & Jessica Pearless ‘Bunker Vision Hi-Fi’



Sarah Brill ‘Wilfire’

funny sculpture on waiheke island

Christian Nicolson ‘Look Honey, it’s Tom and Nancy’

waiheke island art trail

sculpture trail waiheke

Graham Bennett ‘Overview/Overlook’
 It’s hard to pick favorites but I must say that I found a ‘wildfire’ made of hand-painted river stones particularly striking and the naked caravan scene made me giggle like a little girl. Finally, Bev Goodwin’s ‘Not For Sale’ words carved into the coastline felt highly relevant. It is days like these that really make me appreciate New Zealand – it truly is a very unique and special place worth protecting…

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