Happy Hour: Tequila Shots With Orange & Cinnamon Sugar

tequila shots with orange and cinnamon

Although it’s a very dangerous way to start the evening, nothing screams: ‘Party!’ quite as loud as tequila shots. This orange and cinnamon version makes for a much sweeter and, in my opinion, nicer alternative to the usual salt and lemon gig and it shouldn’t leave you with that classic ‘sour puss’ face that you normally get after downing a tequila shot (you know the one). Choosing a good quality tequila (100% agave) will also elevate the whole experience to another level. Remember though, two shots is quite enough -)

Tequila shots with orange & cinnamon sugar (serves two)

1 Slice of orange, cut into triangle shapes
Cinnamon sugar
60 ml Good quality tequila (100% agave)

Run a piece of orange along the rim of a shot glass before dipping it into some cinnamon sugar.

Fill the glass with 30ml Tequila.

Drink the entire shot of tequila and bite the orange.

Please enjoy responsibly x

tequila shot with cinamon sugar