Pretty Outings: The Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

a day at the melbourne royal botanic gardens

Although my honey and I are not really into fitness (neither of us goes to the gym, although we do talk about ‘joining’ a lot if that counts at all?) we do love going on long walks together. Most of the time we just go exploring the streets around our neighborhood but once in a while we’ll take the car and head to the beach or to the other side of the city to change things up. One of our favorite places to go to  in the summer is the ‘Royal Botanic Gardens’ which is where we headed yesterday.

The RBG is kind of Melbourne’s version of Central Park. Located near the city center, it’s a large park filled with small lakes, flowers beds, herb gardens, native trees and many other wonderful things. It also has great views and you can often catch glimpses of the city skyline whilst wandering around.

One of my favorite things about the park though is the fact that it has so many hidden nooks and crannies. Every time we go there we discover a new area to explore and even though the gardens do get busy in the summer you can always find a quiet place to sit down and relax. Yesterday, I noticed that there were a lot of people running across the tracks which made me think that this would actually be an ideal place to come and do some proper exercise one day. It’s a nice idea anyway.

royal botanic garden map

royal botanic garden volcano area

a tree at the royal botanic gardens

royal botanic gardens runners

temple of winds at the rbg

melbourne botanic gardens

lily pond

royal botanic garden functions house

flowers at the rbg
royal botanic garden herb garden

green house

royal botanic gardens trees

RBG view