The Monthly Mixtape: Almost French

Happy Tuesday!

As you’re reading this I’m about to leave on a plane for my holiday in France. Eeeeek! I am so excited!!!!! I can’t wait to hang out with my French friends & family and of course eat my weight’s worth in cheese and pastries whilst drinking a little lots of champagne.

In the last few days I’ve been listening to this mixtape that my Honey made me especially in anticipation of my trip. It’s a fantastic mix (I’m allowed to say that since I haven’t made it-) with a cool blend of indie pop, light electronics and dancing tunes. It’s also 100% made of French bands who sing in English. It’s been the perfect transition towards my holiday and I think I might even listen to it again on the plane!

I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to post yet but don’t worry I fully intend on sharing my French stories and pics with you! I’ll camp by the Mc Donald’s free WiFi if I have too! Posting might just be a bit more ‘erratic’ but hey I’m on holiday y’all -)

Bisous, bisous

x Pearl