The Perfect Little Black Dress For Your Body Shape

LBD for your shape

This is a guest post by Caitlin Taylor, fashion stylist extraordinaire and blogger at Chasing Cait. For even more styling tips and fashion advice make sure to check out her blog and amazing Style mail subscription!

Finding the perfect little black dress can be a big call! But once you find one that you love, you’ll wear it until it’s literally falling apart at the seams!

There is nothing more classic than the LBD – think ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, that little Givenchy dress was the dress that started it all – but not everyone has a body like Audrey Hepburn so let’s take a look at four LBD’s I’ve found for you this season – one for each body shape.

(ps. if you need a bit of a hand working out which shape you are, take this body shape quiz, it will help!).



Shop the frock: Asos pencil dress

This LBD will give your gorgeous Column body a few more curves. The looser top tucks into a pencil skirt, giving the illusion of a waist.

You are pretty lucky in that MOST styles of dress will suit you – it’s really about either showing off your statuesque up-and-down shape (think shift dress) or giving your frame some curves, as this dress will do.


witchery lbd

Shop the frock: Witchery Split Shoulder dress

The reason this LBD works for you my yummy Apple is three-fold. The split in the shoulder narrows your frame (takes the focus off your shoulders), the cocoon style skims over your tummy (no waist band, yay!) and the slimming in at the hips shows off your awesome legs!

Just add an amazing statement necklace or scarf to create a vertical line over your bust (to break it up and minimize it) and you’re good to go!


modcloth dress

Shop the frock: Mod Cloth “lights, glamour, action!” dress (on sale)

You are the shape that is MADE for dresses my gorgeous Pear! Anything that “Fits and Flares” will look a million bucks on you. Basically that means this dress – it’s fitted over your bodice and upper body, and the slight curve detail will give the illusion of a little more boob. Then it flares out over your hips and thighs and no one will be the wiser as to what is going on underneath!

For an even MORE accentuated waist, add a contrast belt to show off how slim you are through that area.


sasha drake

Shop The Frock: Sacha Drake “Catelyn” convertible dress

Now I can personally vouch for this dress, not only does it carry my name (spelt wrong of course) but I actually own it myself!

The genius of this dress for an Hourglass is as follows. The v-neck flatters the bust by not having too much fabric over it (makes your boobs look bigger with too much fabric or a high neckline), the draping gives you some tummy protection, but your waist is still defined with the belt, and the way the skirt cups over your legs shows off your vavavoom shape perfectly! I LOVE this dress and I know you will too!

So four shapes, four dresses – the beauty of a LBD is you can accessorize it how YOU want to. You could put the same dress on four women and tell them to add accessories and you’d get four different looks. The LBD is just an empty canvas for you to make your own.

Do you own an LBD? Or are you still looking for that perfect one (which hopefully you’ve found here!) Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until Next Time,

In Love & Style Always
Cait xoxo

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    I did the body shape quiz and it seems like I have a body-hybrid-fruit-bowl thing going on which suits me just fine because I love ALL of these dresses!