The Pretty And The Mayhem: 09.11.2014


Happy Sunday!

How was your weekend? One of our friends flew down from Perth to visit us for the weekend and we had a great night out together. We ate delicious Pinxtos, watched the moon rise from a rooftop bar and did a bit of bar hopping around the Fitzroy area. We then somehow ended up dancing to old rock&roll tunes in a cute little bar near our house. Good times.

Next week, I’m looking forward to starting this 30-day creative business cleanse with my friend Caroline. Want to join us?

In the meantime, here are some great links I found for you today. Enjoy!

I’m busy – another gem by Garance Dore.

25 famous women on getting older. “I will never retire unless I have to. As long as I’m able to get up in the morning, get that makeup on and my high heels on, and even if I can’t wear high heels, I’m going to do like Mae West, I’m going to sit in a wheelchair with my high heels on.” —Dolly Parton, Nightline November 2012

How to get stuff done even when you’re totally unmotivated. I’m bookmarking this one for future ‘meh’ days.

♥ I loved this photo series – so clever and well executed.

8 TV Shows that would make brilliant themed parties. I’m definitely hosting a Mad Men themed cocktail party for the finale next year!

♥ I’m adding this gorgeous 2015 planner (called the ‘daily dream creator’) to my Christmas list!

♥ This is a pretty cool concept: 12 wines that match the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Nothing is more memorable than a smell – what smells trigger your memories? Sunscreen always reminds me of the summers I spent in Spain as a teenager and ‘Flower by Kenzo’ makes me think of my best friend Aude (it’s her signature scent).

♥ These DYI drink markers are pretty cute and they’d make great ice breakers too!

♥ It’s always great to hear travel tips from locals which is why I enjoyed Joyce’s essential New York guide so much! She had so many great recommendations, I can’t wait to use of them one day. New York is at the top of my bucket list.

♥ On the menu this week:creamy broccoli pasta, greek salad bites, and sour cherry and coconut frozen yoghurt,

*12 signs wine link found via Mystic Medusa.


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