The Pretty And The Mayhem 10.8.14

moon party
Moon Party by Design Love Fest (See link below)

Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? After spending last weekend running around the city with my best friend from New Zealand (and having a great time) I must say I’m pretty happy to just stay in and chill out in front of the TV this weekend. I recently discovered the UK TV series ‘Being Human’ and I’m feeling a marathon coming on today!

If you’re also in a lazy Sunday kinda mood here are some great links to keep you entertained:

♥ This is such a great idea for a party!

41 insanely cool vintage celebrity wedding photos – I’ve always loved Bianca Jagger’s wedding suit, so sexy yet chic.

♥ I loved this series by YesandYes on ‘how to be a grown ass woman‘. Both genuinely useful and hilarious.

♥ Don’t know what to write in your online dating profile? Try one of these awesome fill-in-the-blank scripts!

♥ How to look forward to Mondays, yes it’s possible!

♥ This post made me want to travel to the US so bad. The final anecdote is pretty funny!

♥ Brian from Humans of New York is currently on a world tour with the UN and his photos from Irak are both powerful and heartbreaking.

♥ 10 ways to make over your apartment without spending money.

♥ The ‘Bain Douches’ was Paris’s answer to Studio 54 in the 80’s and someone is now planning to bring the iconic nightclub back!

♥ This is my kind of cocktail.


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