The Pretty And The Mayhem: 11.01.15

asterix hommage to charlie hebdo
Uderzo pays homage to the Charlie Hebdo victims

Welcome to the first 2015 edition of The Pretty and the Mayhem. I hope you had a wonderful new year’s eve and are ready to make this year the best year yet. I celebrated at home with my family in the south of France and although it wasn’t a big party or anything it was incredibly nice to be able to ring in another year drinking many glasses of a glass of champagne with my 98-year-old grandfather. He’s definitely still got it! Before flying back to Melbourne Mark and I visited Venice for a few days which was the perfect end to our trip. I’ll be sharing more travel pics and stories next week.

Before I move on to this week’s links round up, I just wanted to say a few words about the events that took place in France in the last few days. As you know, I don’t usually talk about politics or current events on Pretty Mayhem; partly because I like to think of it as an uplifting place where people come to find inspiration and a dose of ‘pretty’ but also because I feel there are already many people out there who do much greater job at covering the news than I ever could. However, I feel it wouldn’t be right to not mention something that’s affected me so much and that is so close to home.

Like all French people, I was absolutely devastated to hear about the Paris shooting and the events that unfolded afterwards. Even though I wasn’t a regular reader of Charlie Hebdo and didn’t always agree with what they published I am a strong believer in freedom of speech and consider it a cornerstone of our culture. To think that people could be executed at their place of work for expressing their opinions and for trying to make people laugh is something that I just cannot wrap my head around and can’t even begin to comprehend. My heart breaks for the victims and their families but also for France as a whole as we not only lost people and part of our cultural landscape on Wednesday (the cartoonists killed worked for numerous other publications and some had been around since before I was a child) but also saw some of our strongest beliefs shaken to the core. I know that the whole of France is in pain right now and going through the same feelings of sadness, helplessness and utter disbelief.

Ultimately though, I am also incredibly proud to see the majority of French people choosing to unite over these events instead of letting fear and anger take over. Marches have been organized all throughout the country (and the world) and it’s been wonderful to see people at home and abroad come together to show their support and solidarity. We may feel broken today but together I have no doubt that we can get through these dark days and come back stronger and more united than ever before…Terrorism shall not win.

Je suis Charlie.

♥ Artists throughout the world pay homage to the Charlie Hebdo victims.

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♥ Some wonderful illustrations by Irish artist Laura Callaghan.

♥ This video of Jimmy Fallon realizing that he could have dated Nicole Kidman provided me with some much needed laughter this week. He’s just adorable.

♥ Make this year the best dressed year of your life.

♥ The lovely Caroline from Sparkles & Crumbs kindly named Pretty Mayhem as one of her 5 blogs to follow in 2015 (Thank you!).

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