The Pretty And The Mayhem: 16.11.2014

solar powered bike path
A glow in the dark bike path in The Netherlands (see link below)

Happy Sunday!

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far. I have a little announcement to make today: I’m putting out my first ever ebook this month! I’m super excited about this new project (writing an ebook has been a mini dream of mine ever since I started this blog) and so I hope you’ll like it too. I’ll be sharing more info about it next week but in the meantime here are some fun links to keep you entertained.

Have a fabulous week!

Pearl xx

♥ I don’t bike but this solar powered glow-in-the-dark bike path would be a great place to start!

♥ I had way too much fun completing this quizz. #moviegeek

♥ It’s been too long since I’ve watch a good documentary so I’m excited to work my way through this great list of recommendations.

11 fun 90’s fashion moments. I’m really hoping those weird hair-dos won’t be making a come back any time soon…

12 festive ideas for the holidays – a cookie exchange party sounds lovely!

♥ I really enjoyed this interview by Yes and Yes of a birth photographer, what a fascinating job!

♥ Have you ever tried making your own pasta? This tutorial makes it look so fun and easy!

♥ This is such a cute idea for a DIY advent calendar.

♥ I’d happily live in this gorgeous Moroccan home .

♥ What do you think of the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer? Pretty steamy, isn’t it?

♥ Own a soda stream? Then how about setting up a DIY gin and tonic bar at your next party? (also, can I come please?)

♥ On the menu this week: roast beetroot and feta dip, grilled vegetables salad, and chocolate coffee mascarpone cake.


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