The Pretty And The Mayhem: 2.10.14

The Pretty And The Mayhem

Happy Sunday!

What are you guys up to today? Mark and I are heading to the Luna Park in St Kilda this afternoon and I’m pretty excited (candy flosss, mmm). Before I head out and enjoy the sun though here are a few links I found for you this week.

Have a great day!

♥ I’d love to attend this secret bohemian dinner party in Paris!

♥ Do you have a style uniform? I love Gala Darling’s one, she had me at stripes and a midi skirt! ;)

♥ 33 truth bombs Amy Poehler dropped during her Reddit ask-me-anything session. I heart her.

♥ Marilyn Monroe would have looked pretty bad ass covered in tattoos. Not sure if Jackie Kennedy could have pulled it off  though…

♥ Coconut iced coffee with mini donuts? Yes please! I wouldn’t mind some of this delicious looking Thai coconut red curry either, yum!

♥ I’d really love to experience el Dia de los muertos in Mexico one day.

♥ How to turn travel into the ultimate stairmaster workout. I definitely remember getting a good workout when I climbed up the stairs at Angkor Vat but it was definitely worth it for the views.

♥ The best dressed pooches from the NYC Halloween dog parade – so much cuteness!

♥ I couldn’t help laughing watching Kevin Spacey make celebrity impressions with Jimmy Fallon.

♥ I’m obsessed with the ombre dress Lily Collins wore at the Rome Festival, it’s just beautiful, isn’t it?.

♥ What you’re actually thinking when you run into an ex. Awkward.

22 Free (or cheap) things to do when pay day is far away. #12 is always a winner.

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