The Pretty And The Mayhem 20.07.14

hoke house
The Hoke house (see link below)

Happy Sunday!

How was your week? I started mine with a small consulting session with Sarah Von Bargen from YesandYes and it was a-ma-zing! She was super sweet and crazy helpful and I pretty much spent the rest of the week brainstorming and sorting through the million ideas that came to me after our talk. It’s been a little tough making decisions (I don’t know about you but making any sort of decision is like my number one challenge in life) but I’m working my way through them and to be honest I’m just grateful for having ideas at this point (it’s been a hard winter in the inspiration department).

Tonight, I’m looking forward to checking out this great outdoor projection festival and to chilling out with my hubby. How about you? Have you got any plans for the rest of the weekend? If you’re aiming for a cozy day in bed then I’ve got just the links to keep you entertained!


♥ The joys of going through airport security  –  (or why I always put everything in Mark’s carry-on :)

The easiest ever ice cream cake – yes please! Oh and I’ll have some of these rosemary lime cookies too while I’m at it.

A look into the Hoke house (Twilight’s Cullen Family home) – what a stunning building!

How a password can change your life – I’m very keen to try this.

Three photographers snuck into the abandoned Neverland Ranch in 2007 and what they saw was both fascinating and slightly creepy…

♥ I just love Shauna Haider’s style, I’d especially love to borrow a few of her gorgeous dresses!

21 motivational quotes that will inspire you to live a more amazing life. Loved this one ‘What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it.

Who wouldn’t want these awesome celebrities in their bridal party? Or for any party full stop.

♥ This teacher’s letter to her students made me all teary eyed.

♥ More Hairstyle inspiration: 5 ways to style your headband.

How to avoid the comparison game.

ps. roasted vegetable pizza, a pretty crudites platter.


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