The Pretty And The Mayhem: 22.02.2015

artwork by Carson Ellis (see link below)


Happy Sunday!

How is your weekend going? I’m feeling a bit tired today after hosting a movie night on our rooftop terrace on Friday and going to Melbourne White Night yesterday (an all-night arts festival) so my plans for today basically consist of Bed + A cheese platter + Watching old episodes of Parks and Recs. Bliss….

If you’re looking for some great reads, here are a few links I found for you in the last couple of weeks!

– Think you can’t bake? Check out Love Swah’s post on common baking mistakes and how to fix them.

– This 400 foot deep amusement park is both creepy and very cool.

– I’m keen to try this trick for falling asleep in under 1 minute

– How to keep your shoes in tip top shape.

– I love these whimsical illustrations by artist Carson Ellis.

– How to handle complex arguments (without losing your cool).

– This red carpet popcorn is the perfect snack for your Oscar watching party.

– 11 tips to make your move easier.

– Traveling on a budget? Here are the cheapest holiday destinations in the world.

– Have you seen all of these top 25 wanderlust movies?

– This is a must read for all bloggers.

– If someone could come over to my house and make me one of those delicious-looking raspberry and strawberry smoothies immediately that would be great thank you. Or one of those blood orange side car cocktails. I’m not fussy.

– How cool is this arctic pear chandelier? I want one!

– 4 easy tricks for a fresh smelling home.

– Finally, let’s all run away together and share a feast in the Sahara desert sex and the city 2 style! I’ll bring the macarons, you bring the champagne – deal? ;)


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